One year of The App Store


This Saturday is the mark of the App Store turning 1.

Over 50K apps to choose from.


This is an amazing thing mostly because it created a huge wave in the mobile industry. It took our average smart phones (which as it turns out, weren’t so smart after all) and created a device that now most of us can’t remember our lives before it. If you go to the App Store now you’ll see their top pics, and I’m so please that they have included what seems to be a neglected game EDGE. This is such a fun app and also so unique. Have a read of the review from Bonnie Eisenman at

Even if you are not a fan of iPhone or Apple, you are also benefitting from this massive change. Because of it, there are manufacturers everywhere desperate to make better and better devices. They might, it doesn’t matter, it’s a win win situation for us all. *smile*

How many downloads?

Back in April this year the App Store hit one BILLION downloads. Connor Mulcahey, 13 from Weston, Connecticut downloaded the application Bump. The prizes the lucky guy got was a $10,000 iTunes gift card, an iPod touch, a Time Capsule and a MacBook Pro.

picture-34This is a phenomenon that will be lasting quite a while and I can’t wait to see where we are at on year two of it. Google’s Android is trying to get its foot in the door and Nokia has launched an Ovi Store (read the great breakdown here from Terence Eden’s Blog) in response, smaller features but does have recommendations from friends, so hopefully Apple will implement the good bits that others have done. (Apple history however, tells me not to hold my breath.)

It is worth thinking about the actually it may be the success of the store that has launched the iPhone into superstardom. Why else would folks be so keen to have a phone that lacked basic features of almost every other phone on the market, simple things like SMS and a decent camera.

Changes in the Games Industry

In addition to all this, they could be are changing the games industry too. Over 13K of the apps are games, and developers are keen to bring their games to the iPhone platform. We are seeing bigger and bigger hits from the oldies like Sonic and Q*Bert is on his way. As well as the big hitters like Assassins Creed and Metal Gear Solid. Even games that would seem impossible like Sim City and Myst are there. In addition to that the amazing new styles of games that make use of the accelerometer for a totally unique gaming experience.

Another perk of this is that it means we could all have a piece of the pie, (erm Apple pie?) because you don’t have to be a huge developer house with a team of people working for you, you can be at home, with the software development kit making your own app and through the store you have an international platform of potential buyers. (especially if you can make a flashlight or a fart app).

Now one teeny gripe…

Over the next 12 months I really hope they find a better way to access the apps. It can be very difficult for a new developer to get their app anywhere visible. it can take a very long time to search the store, waiting for page after page of apps. Most folks give up after a few pages. Also when you are searching on your device, it drives me crazy when I do click to download one that it takes me out of the app store and I have to re-launch this app.

Anyhow – not going to complain -I’m sure there’s an app for that! <—- You knew I had to say it!

Looking forward to the next 12 months!! Thanks Apple x

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  1. Jesus Ross says:

    i used to play Sim City when i was still in high school and this is simply one of the best games of all times..”‘

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