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24: Zombie Pizza, iSaidWhat? Momento, Mood Agent, iXplode

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These corpse brides have taken the place of the usually lovely gals Hattie and Christine… still they seem to have some apps to review so let’s see what’s on offer today~

Well, before the show got off to some fab reviews the girls had a chat about some funky jewelry that Christine sent off for and arrived the morning of filming. She was so impressed that she had to give CapitolaGirl a shout out on the show. The rings arrived in little black boxes and in little clear bags too, really nice touch. You can check out her ETSY shop for yourself or have a look at her jewellery site.

Oh – did she mention – they are made with keyboard keys!!!





Todays Apps Were

iXplode – Valentine’sDay Version 1.2 Developer: SloMoPyro


Hattie starts us off with an explosive choice. I am picking up that she is not a big fan of Valentines Day! This app sends explosive e-cards of cute things. They have a few of these apps out there by the same developer for different occasions such as birthdays etc. Also have a few free ones to try.

Make sure you don’t send it to anyone who might get offended~ It is Valentine’s Day after all!

iSaid What? Version 1.0 Developer: Tapparatus

 On sale at the moment for $0.99

This is a really fun app. You speak into it and can then select the snipits with the editing tools to rearrange what you or your friends have said. You can then share the recording.

I think the brilliance of this app lies in it’s simplicity. It doesn’t have complicated tools, it just works.

The video does use it for humor value but I think this app has far more potential and it’s worth having a try. Really like this app and again it brings another fantastic dimension to the iPhone.

Zombie Pizza Version 1.2 Developer:Appy Entertainment, Inc



This game has got some crackin’ reviews and Hattie loved it. You have to feed the zombies before they feed on you!! The pizzas are made with many disgusting body parts and I think teens will also love this app, it just has a really great fun and grossness to it.

Momento Version 1.0.3 Developer: d3i


This is a great app for the modern diary writer. Normally most people start a diary with good intentions but then daily life gets in the way. This app pulls your Tweets, Facebook statuses, Last.fm playlists and Flickr images and puts them into the calendar. Brilliant.

It also feeds back from months and months, (longer for Facebook) and includes all your messages from before you used the app. You can export your data so that you could use it for other things, and you can also delete individual entries if there is a particular message you don’t want in there.

You can also add tags and it has a lot of scope within the app for entries. Visibly it is just wonderful, really clean and the images are shown in a great border. None of the hyperlinks currently work in the app, they just aren’t clickable but this may be something that gets incorporated into a future edition.

I like this a lot and think for modern life it might be the answer to keeping track of what you did. There is also an option to have PIN protected access.

Lastly, Christine snuck in a final app.

Moodagent Version 1.0.1 Developer: Syntonetic


This is a free app that lets you make playlists in an alternative way. you can save your playlists too! The neat thing about this app is that you have sliders to tell it what your mood is. It then uses this information to create a playlist based on what you entered. It’s a really nice interface and I enjoy using it. Of course it depends on the selection of songs on your device already, so be sure to be stocked up on your tunes x

Wow what a huge show the girls packed in for you this week!

Hope you enjoyed it and as always if you have any questions / comments or ‘other’ then please get in touch!

~ the girls

6 Responses to “24: Zombie Pizza, iSaidWhat? Momento, Mood Agent, iXplode”

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  4. CMoz says:

    Oh and yes, Kate is genius at getting/making us brilliant things to wear (and hair and makeup…) Corpse Brides may be my favorite so far!

  5. CMoz says:

    Too funny – I don’t think I saw the mute key but that really is dangerous territory!

  6. Spotter5 says:

    Great outfits 😀

    How much trouble would you get into if you sent a loved one, one of those keyboard key rings with the mute icon it!? 😛 haha

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